Politics is Driving Me Crazy
     With each election cycle, the rhetoric becomes more overpowering. It comes at us from many different directions. We hear it in the national news broadcasts. We read it on our social media feeds. Sometimes the discussions are balanced and informative. Sometimes they are mean-spirited and inaccurate. Sometimes they instill hope. Sometimes they incite fear or anger. Sometimes they promote an agenda that is very obviously contrary to God’s Word and will.

     What can a Christian do? How does a Christian view politics? How does a Christian respond to the present political climate? How can a Christian find hope even when he or she is overwhelmed with the thought, “Politics is driving me crazy!”?

     This Bible study offers a note of calm as it reminds us that we are citizens of two kingdoms, each with a different role and a different agenda. It offers a note of hope as it reminds us that God has absolute rule over both kingdoms. It offers a note of encouragement as it leads us to consider how we serve in both kingdoms. 

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