The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Apostle John serves two purposes – to warn and to comfort.  Jesus warns us against falling away from Him to the deceptive lifestyles of the world, and thus allying ourselves unwittingly with Satan.  Jesus also comforts those who remain faithful to Him and are persecuted by the world and Satan. 
We see in this Revelation the same battle that wages on through the New Testament era looked at from different perspectives.  However, the Revelation is not a literal history of the New Testament era.  It is instead apocalyptic – which means that in a vision packed with symbolism, hidden things regarding the future are made known.  These points are what we focus on.
        As we go through this fascinating book, we will allow Scripture to interpret it for us.  We will consult the immediate context, the parallel sections of Revelation, parallel passages of the New Testament, and similar Old Testament prophecies.  In doing so, we ask God the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see and take to heart his words of warning and comfort.

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Revelation - Lesson 11
Revelation 20-22 

Chapter 20 

Revelation - Lesson 10
Chapters 17-19 

Revelation - Lesson 9
Chapter 16 

Revelation - Lesson 8
Revelation 12-15 

Revelation - Lesson 7
Revelation 8-11 

Revelation - Lesson 6
Revelation 7 

Revelation - Lesson 5
Revelation 6 

Revelation - Lesson 4
Revelation 4 & 5 

Revelation - Lesson 3
Revelation 2,3 

Revelation - Lesson 2
Revelation 1:1 - 2:11 

Revelation - Lesson 1
Introduction and Rev. 1:1-11 

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