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My Vocation in Christ
"What's the point of my life?  What does God want me to do with my life?  I don't have any college degrees.  I don't make much money.  If I don't really enjoy what I'm doing now, does this mean God wants me to do something else?"

Do you ever ask these questions?  Have you wondered, "are some vocations more God-pleasing than others?"  Click on the Bible Class lessons below to help you answer these questions and more.  It is a study about understanding your "calling."

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Article - "Where Are You In Titus 2"

Lesson 5 - God Calls Different Christians to Different Vocations
Part 2 

Lesson 4 - God Calls Different Christians to Different Vocations
Part 1 

Lesson 3 - God Sends Me a Cross within My Vocation

Lesson 2 - Through My Vocation, I Love and Serve My Neighbor

Article - "Redeeming the Time"

Lesson 1 - What Is The Doctrine Of Vocation