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Civil Government
Civil Government

"Lutherans traditionaly have taken their God-given responsibilities to the family and the church very seriously.  But they have a reputation - not always undeserved - of abandoning civil government concerns to others."
(Civil Government: God's Other Kingdom pg. 8)  

Does that statement characterize you to a small or large degree?  Why is that?  Well, sometimes it is because things involving the government frustrate us; sometimes it is because we feel like we are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to electing officials; and sometimes we are just lazy.  This Bible Class will help us to understand why we don't want to leave civil government affairs to the "rest of the world."  It will also help us to understand our important role as Christians in God's other kingdom.  

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Civil Government
Lesson 8 & 9 Answers 

Civil Government
Lesson 7 Answers 

Civil Government
Lesson 6 Answers 

Civil Government
Part Two of Lesson 4 & Lesson 5 Answers 

Civil Government
Lesson 3 & Part One of Lesson 4 Answers 

Civil Government
Lesson 1&2 Answers 

Civil Government Study Guide
Study Guide