Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Faith Lutheran Church is a member of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS).  For more information about our synod, follow the link above.


Personal devotions are food for our spiritual well-being.  But maybe you wonder, where can I go to find something worthwhile?  Click on "devotions" above (for all options) or click (for individual options) from Family devotions, Teen devotions, Military devotions, Daily devotions, Educator's devotions, or Unique Callings devotions.  You can subscribe to have these devotions sent to your email inbox at these websites.


The better you understand Scripture, the greater impact it will have on your life.  These podcasts come from St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Middleton, WI.  They are a sister church of the WELS.  The guests on this podcast have dedicated their lives to teaching God’s Word and provide great blessings through their valuable insight. Each episode focuses on a section of Scripture and gives the guest an opportunity to share wisdom that will help you grow in your understanding of Scripture. As you grow in your understanding of Scripture, it will have a greater impact on your life. Episodes range from 15-25 minutes and are released every Monday.  Click the word "podcast" above to be taken to their site.
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